Ophi Hawk is the founder of Twin Flight. She started this company to help other twin flames start their businesses for mission work. She has a business degree in accounting, and experience with many companies, large and small, including start-ups. She understands how hard it is to finally launch your business, and all the stepsContinue reading “Founder”

What are Twin Flames?

Short answer: Twin flames are basically one soul in the universe, which is split into two on earth (divine masculine/feminine). They both pre-contracted to come to earth to fulfill a mission together to help mankind. Long answer: Twin flames are a subset of the New Age belief system. They have lived many lifetimes together. ThereContinue reading “What are Twin Flames?”

What is Inner Work?

There are many twin flames programs available on-line. It is recommended to finish at least one that offers inner child work. Twin Flight currently does not have a program, because there are more than enough to choose from on-line. The purpose of this company is to actually get people into mission. Ophi is an experiencedContinue reading “What is Inner Work?”

What is Mission Work?

Short Answer: It is participating in activities that benefit mankind and this earth, paid or unpaid. It is done by twin flames and anyone who is interested in making a global difference. Long Answer: There are many examples of mission work, such as Mother Teresa, because she litterally left over 500 missions throughout the globe,Continue reading “What is Mission Work?”

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