Twin Flames Taking Flight (Twin Flight) is a company dedicated to inspiring leaders to live their mission, especially in the start-up stages. It is about continually healing inside and out, to better prepare people for the natural ups and downs in life. See the post “What are twin flames?” in the details tab for more information.

This company will likely be renamed to Twin Flight, because leadership comes in many forms, not just twin flames. Twin will then mean the union of both sides of yourself, creating inner harmony and naturally reflecting outer harmony as well. The ultimate goal of this company is to create leaders who are willing to defend our basic human rights, and any subject related to freedom or raising the vibration.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi did not make a difference on their own, they inspired others to follow the path they carved. It cost them their lives, but the future of their children was at steak, leaving them no choice, but to create a path no one else was taking. Now a days, it seems we are loosing many of our rights year by year. Inaction by each person is the same as making the choice to allow the oppressors to continue taking away our freedoms.  The question is: What are you doing about it?

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