Ophi Hawk is the founder of Twin Flight. She started this company to help other twin flames start their businesses for mission work. She has a business degree in accounting, and experience with many companies, large and small, including start-ups. She understands how hard it is to finally launch your business, and all the steps to get from A-Z. She is leading by example, by taking flight with her businesses, which includes, and as well.

She refuses to leave anyone out, but she also wants to be able to express herself freely on the appropriate platforms. Therefore, separating the businesses was the only way to make her services available to people of all religions, New Agers, and twin flames. She is a twin flame, and once she got past the hype of it all, it was time to actually start mission work, with or without her twin flame.

Her purpose is to inspire twin flames to fulfill their contract as it relates to mission work, and anyone else up for the task. Regardless what happens, it is still worth the effort to pursue our mission to actually make a difference in this world, even if we only leave a legacy for others to see it through.

All twin flames have a strong desire to make a improvements in this world. Ophi began such a journey on a smaller scale through volunteering and improving the way many businesses operated. The meaning of twin flames is far beyond the romance, it is a responsibility, and it is the reason she started these companies.

As twin flames, the time is now to make our mark. Our freedom to speech and privacy, as well as many other rights are at risk. Ready or not, we must believe in ourselves that we have what it takes to do what we were created to do.

There is much evidence and synchronicities to show that the universe is protecting us and guiding us if we listen. This is why daily inner work, or at least a few minutes of meditation, is important for maintaining alignment. With this simple act, eventually, we see the light at the end of tunnel, and can strategize ourselves out of our heavy circumstances to finally serve mankind the way we were meant to.

For more about Ophi Hawk, check our her website:

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