What is Mission Work?

Short Answer:

  • It is participating in activities that benefit mankind and this earth, paid or unpaid.
  • It is done by twin flames and anyone who is interested in making a global difference.

Long Answer:

  • There are many examples of mission work, such as Mother Teresa, because she litterally left over 500 missions throughout the globe, which continually help the homeless or anyone in need.
    • Bob Marley is another example, because his music speaks of peace and many powerful lyrics. Although he did not create reggae, all reggae music makes people feel calmer. This is why his music is continually played. It is timeless, among many other artists.
    • It is unclear if they had their own twin flames, but this is the type of change twin flames are encouraged to do either together or own their own.
  • By changing our own hearts to vibrate more positively, and fearlessly going for what is in our souls, we inspire others to do the same. Maybe global impact is a high goal, but making a difference on any level is still valuable to the overall mission of twin flames.

All twin flames are born with this innate desire to want to make a difference in this world, but circumstances often hold them back. It is similar to an elephant who had a chain around their ankle for most of their life, and when it was taken off, they thought they were still confined. However, at any moment, they can claim their freedom, because the chain is all in their heads. The elephant is much more powerful than he/she thinks, and the same is true for twin flames. This scenario also applies to anyone who has the desire to be a part of improving the circumstances on this earth.

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