What are Twin Flames?

Short answer:

  • Twin flames are basically one soul in the universe, which is split into two on earth (divine masculine/feminine).
  • They both pre-contracted to come to earth to fulfill a mission together to help mankind.

Long answer:

  • Twin flames are a subset of the New Age belief system.
    • They have lived many lifetimes together.
  • There are 3 main types of twin flames:
    • They are 2 people who fulfill their mission together.
    • There is only 1 person on earth, and the other is similar to a spirit guide helping them fulfill their mission.
    • They are 2 people, but the twins fulfill their missions separately, because they were only meant to trigger the other to actually move into mission.
  • There is something called the push and pull effect, which means the more one person needs/pays attention to the other, the more the other runs away.
    • The key is to be at peace without the other twin, and know that your self-love is enough.
    • Many say their twin arrived when they were completely not thinking about them.
    • It is ok to still love your twin, but needing them in your life and overthinking on them will push them away.
  • Generally, twin flames are provided with gifts, received at birth or in their life.
    • These gifts are meant to be used in their mission work. However, anyone who has the desire to lead is welcome to this community, because fulfilling our mission by any positive means is what matters most.

If you research “Twin Flames” on-line, thousands of answers are provided, with varing perspectives on the meaning of twin flames. Some say, everyone has a twin flame. Some say, only certain people. This company says, anyone who feels they are a twin, evidence or not, they are a twin flame. And anyone who is willing to stand-up for the greater good of all is welcome to this community, even if they do not consider themselves a twin flame.

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