What is Inner Work?

There are many twin flames programs available on-line. It is recommended to finish at least one that offers inner child work. Twin Flight currently does not have a program, because there are more than enough to choose from on-line. The purpose of this company is to actually get people into mission. Ophi is an experienced accountant, and she can help you crunch numbers and direct you on many business filings, anywhere from starting a company to dissolving it.

This article will briefly summarize what we could find from on-line research, while still respecting the privacy of the info provided in the twin flame program Ophi enrolled in and finished.

Short answer:

  • Inner work is daily attempts to look inside yourself to see how your inner child and younger adult selves are doing.
    • Journaling what surfaced with inner child work and adult work is highly recommended.

Long answer:

  • Inner child work
    • If you look within and your inner childs is happy or sad, be sure to acknowledge or console them.
    • Often times, unremembered childhood memories will resurface, and emotions need to be processed to let go or forgive yourself and others.
  • Adult inner work
    • Allow yourself to feel your emotions for those you felt hurt by or those you hurt.
    • Journaling these emotions are also recommended.
      • If no one is around, a loud scream could be helpful or punching a pillow.
      • Find a way to release the emotions, such as crying, working out or going to the beach/park, etc.
    • As emotions are processed, it becomes easier to respond to people, rather than react.
    • Evidence that inner work is making progress occurs when something that would normally bother you, no longer bothers you.

The more we process our emotions, and do not let others disturbe us, the more aligned we will be to receive guidance from the universe. It also increases your chances of your twin returning, because when we feel better and we heal, the same occurs for them.

For those who do not consider themselves twin flames, inner child and inner adult work is still useful for overall healing. Since all mankind has suffered from some form of trauma, these exercises are benefical for anyone. They help clear internal blockages, which makes us emotionally and spiritually lighter. When this happens, we become more in tune with ourselves and the universe.

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